Are We Slowly Shifting Dimensions? This Conspiracy Theory Will Blow Your Mind

As the world changes rapidly, technology rises welcoming in a whole new era of humanity. We are functioning higher than ever before. There is a grand expansion in consciousness as we elevate into the new age. However, it can still be said that our future as a society is unknown. While we are adding intelligence to our overall collective, we are also simultaneously destroying our physical planet. It is believed that we have less than ten years before we hit a point of no return, but what if all of this destruction was for a purpose? Some people believe it may be apart of a grander plan. 

The physical world that surrounds us is a vast mystery disguised as a simple pleasure. There are so many aspects of life that we as humans cannot see. This is both because we make the choice not to and also because we simply don’t have the ability. A new theory circulating will challenge how you perceive reality, and view the future going forward. Perhaps the issues we are experiencing is the storm before the rainbow, and there is hope for our existence after all. 

Have you ever shifted dimensions? How would you know if you were slowly shifting from a 3D to a 4D reality? The thing is, you wouldn’t. Some experts believe with every decision we make, we shift into a new dimension that yields new paths based on our decisions. A concept that challenges the ideology of time itself. If we were slowly shifting dimensions as a society, changes would be implemented in reality that would fly directly under our radar. Alba Weinman, a hypnotherapist in New Zealand, recently had a session with a man who claimed this shift is slowly happening over the next ten years. She is responsible for speaking to several different individuals through hypnotherapy. In recent times, this form of therapy is rising in the ranks. Through these sessions, the same thing is said by several different people. All of them recalling reincarnation to this specific time to aid in this shift. 

Understanding dimensions means knowing that they aren’t a place but rather a frequency, different levels of vibration. Currently, this world is said to be in the second dimension. People believe this is the source of our limitations. The reason why humans aren’t able to live up to their fullest potential lies in changing the frequency of which we vibrate. The fifth dimension will come to us as we as a society raise our field of consciousness. This raise in frequency will give humans more control over manifestation, allowing us to build our realities. It is believed that temples all over the world, like the great pyramids, sit on grids that connect the planet. Only recently in light of this shift have these grids began to activate. Structures have been carefully placed on these grids to align with the ascension taking place, opening dormant crystal portals all over the earth. This has been dubbed The Crystalline Era. 

So what does all this mean? Theorists believe that as this shift continues more people will begin to awaken. It is said that we previously functioned on a much higher frequency than we currently do, and when we begin to rise we will remember how to vibrate higher. Civilizations before us that were capable of great mysteries knew the secrets of raising our vibrations. Through this condensed memory, we will learn slowly how to adapt; our mind, soul, and bodies will begin to raise frequencies naturally. This is said to bring more harmony and understanding into the world. Supposedly golden figures like Jesus and Buddha are 5D. Whether this theory is true or not will come with time. There’s no way to measure dimension shifting that we know of, yet. One thing is certain, change is coming. 



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