Interesting Facts We Never Knew About the Planet Earth

We live on a planet that is full of life and nature, and we see the skies, water bodies, trees, soil, plants, and animals. All these were made to make the planet Earth habitable for man. However, some of us still don’t know some crucial facts about the planet Earth which we live in.

To allow readers take a look at how planet is in space

A Picture of Planet Earth in Space


This article, however, tries to make us know about some interesting and captivating facts about the Planet Earth that will leave you wowed!

Keep reading and take a look at some of the facts about Planet Earth.

  • According to the order of the planet, the Earth is the third planet away from the sun, and it is directly after Venus and before Mars.
  • Planet Earth according to researchers and space analysts has been the only planet suitable for life because it contains the essential things needed for survival (biosphere) which includes Atmosphere known as air which contains nitrogen and oxygen, Hydrosphere which involves water, and Lithosphere which deals with rock and minerals.
  • Planet Earth revolves around the sun.
  • Did you ever know that the Earth is billions of years old? According to researchers, planet earth is approximately 4.38 to 4.54 billion years old.
  • Planet Earth has the coldest spot and the hottest spot in it. The coldest place on planet Earth is Antarctica which has a relative temperature degree of nothing less than -73°C while the hottest spot is located in El Azizia, Libya, which also has a relative temperature degree of 57°C.
  • The Earth experiences uneven gravity.
  • Planet Earth is not a perfect sphere.
  • Due to the possession of a hot, liquid metal ocean which splashes around the Earth’s solid iron core, planet Earth has a creepy magnetic pole.
  • Planet Earth is not named after any god. Uranus and Jupiter were respectively named after the king of the Roman god and the sky Greek god.
  • The Earth also contains enormous electricity. A single strike of lightning that occurs can heat the air to around 30,000°C which in turn would cause rapid expansion of air leading to the creation of a shock wave which is also known as thunder.
  • A whopping 6,000 lightning flashes around the planet Earth every 60 seconds.
  • Out of 100% of the Earth surface, the oceans occupy 70% of the Earth surface, out of these oceans, human beings have only explored just 5% of the beaches. This means that humans still have 95% of these oceans to explore.
  • The Earth contains an enormous amount of riches which includes minerals, rocks, and oceans. This resource consists of a vast amount of pure gold, i.e. they provide more than 20 million tons of gold.
  • It is believed that the planet Earth once had two moons.
  • Existence of life came to planet Earth some 4.1 billion years ago.
  • Compared to planet Jupiter which has 67 moons, planet Earth has just a moon.
  • Have you ever wondered why we have a leap year every four years? This is because a whole year (12 months) is not exactly 365 days as taught to us by our teachers and scholars. It is approximately 365.2564 days. If you minus 365 from 365.2564, it will give you 0.2564 day. This 0.2564 day is less added to an extra day which is also referred to as the leap day in the month of every four years.
  • The Earth mostly contains four main layers which are Inner Core, Outer Core, mantle and crust.
  • Planet Earth has no rings.
  • Planet Earth contains moving rocks.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Of course, it is. These are incredible facts about planet Earth. We hope you’ve learnt quite a few number of interesting facts about planet Earth as listed above.

If you however haven’t taken your time to read through, please do. It is going to be fun.

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