The Best Way To Help Saving Our Planet

Earth is our home, and we have no other one. That is widely known, yet people seem to forget it.

Our planet is dying

We seem to lose connection with nature, live piled up in big cities surrounded by smoke, cars, and garbage. It’s explainable. We live in a modern era, our technology is continuously advancing, and we need to use more natural resources.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Earth has enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” I completely agree with him! An increase in population makes excessive demands on natural resources, which is logical,  but also unnecessary in this amount.

What are the consequences?

Our biggest enemies are, as we all already know, toxic chemicals, plastic, water, and air pollution, and the list goes on and on. I will try not to put an accent on what people have already done and still do to our planet, mostly because it’s more or less previously known.

large amount of smoke coming out from factory chimneys


Chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, deforestation, carbon dioxide, fossil fuels, all that plastic that will never decompose; everybody knows for their existence, yet it looks like no one bats an eye because of it.

Why is that?







It’s not true that people are crossing their hands and do nothing. People saved many animal species by captive breeding and releasing of endangered species. Every year, wildfires that start spontaneously in Australia, California and other dry areas destroy large areas of forest and the animals living in them. Human efforts help to contain damage to some extent.

Growing our plants and making organic food is much encouraged. People clean waterways, plant new trees and a lot of countries are putting the effort in swapping oil reserves for biofuels and using wind turbines and solar energy generators.


Helping as individuals

Apart from that, there are so many simple life hacks and tiny changes that you can make to produce less waste and help save the Earth.

Take a walk instead of using a car when going to close places. Use less water when showering, and think about buying energy-efficient bulbs. Swap all the plastic you can with things made of natural materials.

Energy saving is so advanced these days that you can even make your wind turbine!

Also, we always forget about participation in worthwhile campaigns for positive change. Do your research and develop your own opinion about the ways of modern production and think about becoming a member of environmental organizations.

Buyerarchy of needs in a form of pyramid

We all make mistakes, and it’s inevitable and natural. No one should feel bad about it. We are all humans, and we are fragile beings with big hearts and emotions. Deep down, I believe that every human has an awareness of his surroundings. We cannot blame peoples’ intentions, but we can say that the leading cause of natural disasters is human ignorance.

I don’t think people are not intelligent enough; I believe that people don’t know enough information about what is happening around them.

Where to start?

My crucial point is that our solution lies in peoples’ consciousness.

We are a part of nature, we have always been, and we should only recall that from the forgotten parts of our memory.

When we realize the real importance of recycling, saving energy in all kinds of ways, planting trees and keeping waters clean, the will to change things will inevitably pop up in our minds on its own.

We should start from scratch, which is raising awareness. It is crucial for people to know why exactly they are putting their time and effort into changing their habits. I would say that the most important thing to achieve is a conscious human effort.

The part of the change!

Think of the little ways in which you can save water, electricity, and gas, of course, but don’t forget to share your ideas with friends and family.

Maybe you think that you are unable to help, but that is not true.  One by one, we make a strong alliance!

Therefore, recycle your waste, save your energy, plant flowers, and trees, respect animals, but don’t also forget to educate others on why and how to do the same.



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