More Than Money: The Spiritual Importance of Gold

Throughout the history of humanity, gold held a place among some of the greatest empires to have ever existed. Eons before this eclectic element earned monetary value; it came to be known as a divine part of the Earth that connected man to God. The creation of gold came long before us as it was present in dust from the formation of the solar system. Naturally residing beneath the crevices of the planet, most gold is believed to be buried deep within our planetary core.

In today’s modern world, when one thinks of gold, they usually associate with wealth. Long before the first appearance of the gold coin in B.C. times, it held a priceless value. It was rarely used in trade and seen as a tool of worship. The Egyptians used it to decorate the walls within their kingdom. It was beaten into thin sheets and placed inside of shrines and temples. Since gold was yellow in hue, it was closely associated with the Sun God and seen as eternal as the sun itself. Great pharaohs were buried in gold coffins with golden masks, representing its spiritual importance.

As times evolved, gold began to find its use among every civilization across the world. It was more malleable than any other material and used for several purposes. Through its useful nature and sheer beauty to the human eye, gold changed how people bartered. It redefined what money meant at this time, a common standard among the most notorious civilizations, such as Greece and Rome. They were using gold plated coins as a form of currency. Anyone that owned gold appeared as wealthy. Gold became a source of riches rather than a connection to God.

The Spiritual Importance of Gold

When we dive deeper into gold on a level beyond its commercial use, it becomes clear to see the connection it holds with our planet and humanity. Six ten-billionths of the sun that warms our world is gold, and it is discoverable on every continent across the globe. Gold was first said to be discovered in water and resides in streams throughout the world. The world’s oceans contain nearly twenty million tons of gold. Water is associated with logic, so gold aids in the realm of spiritual understanding. It is deeming gold a symbol of spiritual purity of “All That Is.” This connection has meaning and can be representative of many different perspectives by allowing ourselves to understand these natural occurrences.

The planet isn’t the only thing covered in gold. The human body contains roughly point two milligrams of gold, mostly found in our blood. We can eat gold and utilize it as an aphrodisiac for high-end meals. These practical uses for gold pose many spiritual connections when one starts to understand how integrated gold is within our existence. Specific claims have to say that injecting gold can cure cancer. Several shamans use gold in aiding to open chakras. It’s believed that this allows us to have a consistent connection with the divine. It is attracting honors, wealth, happiness, and more to gain emotional composure. In doing so, increases positivity and helps with anxiety and stress. A wonderous treat that can be utilized by expanding how we see and use gold.

Despite the clear spiritual connection we have to gold, most of it is still used for jewelry today. Wealthier individuals own gold in the form of chains or earrings as a symbol of status. It is used as an accessory to add value to an item. While some still practice the use of its spiritual nature, the world should appreciate it more beyond its real purposes. It’s clear that it holds more meaning, the subtle intertwining within everything that exists poses the idea that gold is an element of God. With the correct intentions, it can be integrated into our lives in a less vane manner allowing us to broaden our connection with the world around us. Gold is an element meant to be seen as a multipurpose tool in every aspect of life, both monetarily and spiritually.


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