Brace Up and Dream Big

Brace up and Dream Big


     “Dream big. Start small. Act Now” – Ben Carson

    We are mostly afraid to dream big. I wonder why that is. We seldom see beyond Now. The thought of the “upcoming” terrifies us. We’re often pessimistic. We often lack the drive to dream big. Do we not have the might?


    The greatest hindrance to dreaming big isn’t failure, but “self-doubt.” self-doubt is the “I don’t think I can do it phenomenon.” Self-doubt will only prevent you from seeing the bigger picture.


    Procrastination is another factor that prevent you from dreaming big. Like, you may see it coming. You may even believe it will happen. But all of a sudden, you procrastinate. Putting your dreams on hold will inevitably hinder you from dreaming big.


    You may be asking yourself, how do I dream big? There are no hard and fast rules here. First, know this, no matter who you are or where you’re coming from, your dreams are valid. Make these your priorities and you’ll start to dream big:


  1. Set goals: “success is goals and all others are commentaries” – Brian Tracy. If you really want to dream big, you have to set goals. You have to know what you want and work towards it. You have set and hit your goals. You can never know how close you are to your dreams.


  1. Your goals should be SMART: Sequel to setting goals, your goals should be SMART. That is, your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Time-bound. You’ll start to dream big if your goals are specified, can be measured, realistic and have deadlines. Also beware of setting unrealistic goals, it’ll only deprives you from reaching your target on time.


  1. Your dream should be bigger than you: Hey, really, your dreams should be bigger than you are. This will push you beyond your current state to hold unto something larger, and better. This isn’t contrary to making your goals realistic. Make your goals realistic, brace up and dare to dream big. This time, bigger than you are. You can do it!


  1. Have Vision: The vision you have is wholly generated by your subconscious. The invisible creates the visible. Just like a tree have it’s root from the root. Target and concentrate your vision on your dreams and own it. You can never tell how stealthily your dreams will come true.


  1. Chase your dreams: you have to own your dreams and chase it. Chase it with all your might. You have to eat the dream, drink the dream, see the dream, sleep the dream and pursue the dream.


  1. Don’t Procrastinate: Like I said earlier, one of the major hindrance from dreaming big is procrastination. Passive procrastination will only keep you away from doing what is needful at the right time. It will only keep you away from dreaming big, far far away.


  1.  Be optimistic: while bracing up to dream big, you have to really hope for the best in all situations. Keep it mind that everything is unfolding the way it’s meant to. Be optimistic and you’re another step ahead to dreaming big.


  1. See beyond the present: while dreaming big, you have to really see beyond the horizon, your limits. You know what? You really are limitless. You have to widen your horoscope and envision your dreams beyond the present situation.


  1.  Live your dreams: you want to dream big? Start living your dreams now. As Ben Carson says, “dream big, start small, act now.”


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