Everyone is an Innate Genius

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein
According to Einstein, we cannot measure the ability of a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Apparently, a fish cannot climb. The same thing applies to we humans, most of the time, we determine our potentials superficially by the status quo. This is utterly wrong.

Everybody is an innate genius. We’re all born to do great things. All of us have some kind of special intelligence unique to us. But sadly, most of us do not live it, and neither do we tap into that realm.

Self-limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves sometimes withhold us from being truly ourselves. We sort of underestimate ourselves which impend us from being who we are meant to be.

The limitations placed on us by schools and the Society also prevent us from unleashing what a genius we are. At school we’re taught to follow the rules, treated the same way, with the same method because we’re all perceived to be the same thing. This is contrary to reality. The society too perceives us in the same light. The implication is overt self-doubt everywhere.
Most people do not even believe they can be exceptional at something. Whereas that thing is within, yearning to come out. Is it simply because of a lack of knowledge or indifference? Read on and soak for a moment.

Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University founded the concept of multiple intelligences. According to him, everyone possesses at least ten different bits of intelligence, in any one of which one might be a genius.

However, only two of this intelligence are dispensed throughout schools: verbal and mathematical. But we already are or can be a genius in any the following domains:

1. Visio-spatial intelligence: this deals with art and design. If you probably have a flair for art, design and craft, you possess this type of intelligence.
2. Entrepreneurial intelligence: this has to do with business and entrepreneurship. In this century, many more people are already tapping into this sphere. Research shows that our generation produces the “highest CEO of all times.”
3. Physical or kinesthetic intelligence: this deals with physical activities, sports such as soccer, tennis, and exercises… Think aerobics, yoga, workouts, et cetera.
4. Musical intelligence: Musical intelligence involves playing musical instruments, writing music, song composure and the likes.
5. Interpersonal intelligence: interpersonal intelligence deals largely with interpersonal relationships and getting along well with others.
6. Intrapersonal intelligence: Interpersonal intelligence means a deep understanding of oneself.
7. Intuitive intelligence: intuitive intelligence has to with listening to your instincts. This has led to innovations of all kinds, including creating the world of art.
8. Abstract intelligence: abstract intelligence is the non-concrete aspect of life. It deals with physics and science.

The intelligence we carry therein varies. As we become aware of our ingeniousness, our duty is to determine which of which were exceptional at. Perhaps you may have a deep interest in drawing or painting? Delve into it! How about the business you want to start? Start it. Do you love hockey? Join that club. Eliminate self-doubt and embrace your intelligence, this is part of you.

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