How Intentions Can Manifest Your Destiny

Every step we take or decision we make is a choice that determines our path. Some people may never fully comprehend the ability they harness to control their life. We are the architect in our world. To individual minds, this might sound completely unrealistic; that it isn’t as easy as making a decision and rendering the desired outcome. Perhaps it’s that people haven’t allowed themselves to explore their psyche fully, thus limiting themselves to a false mindset. Think of a deck of cards and playing a game of poker. There is no possibility of choosing the cards given to you. It is up to the player to get witty, fake someone out, or so forth to win a game they may have had no chance of winning with the deck they have. It becomes our responsibility to shape the life we want, regardless of how we start or what predicament we find ourselves in.

How Intentions Can Manifest Your Destiny

Like setting a formal table, manifesting the future requires attention and dedication. For every part to be in the correct position, it’s essential to pay attention to detail. This attention is the intention that allows you to manifest the perfect placement. Understanding this means realizing that in every small task you do, the intention behind it is the first step in determining how things unfold going forward. Subtle actions with the right intent allow us to set the scene for our everyday affairs. Every moment of life that we live splits into individual experiences, amongst both us and the occurrence of existence. Time itself is one series of events over and over, small as ant and as giant as an elephant. Each moment that occurs plays a significant role in the next. In truly comprehending this, it becomes clear that magnifying every moment is necessary for growth. It just requires paying attention to everything going on around you to get a clearer understanding of what you genuinely seek, then taking steps to make what you want to come to fruition.

When you begin to become clear on who you are and what you want, the passion of your dreams becomes a lustful affair of which you endlessly chase. Each choice made along the way starts with the intention of that choice. Why do you want this? What is your expectation once its obtained? Laying these answers out in front of you will allow you to determine a path of positive intent, rather than rushing into something blindly and watching it unfold frightfully. Dominoes require force to be in motion. The term “domino effect” comes to mind in seeing how small events add up to form a giant catastrophe. In life, this is how we find ourselves in unfortunate predicaments with little understanding of how we got there. While individual circumstances can be out of our hands, it is up to us to take those circumstances and reroute them.

Everything is energy. Intention allows us to manipulate the energy. The frequencies of this planet never stop; each moment has a different vibration of which it functions on as life moves forward. There are low and high vibrations, such as love and hate. Negativity functions on a very low vibration, whereas positivity is an extreme high. So when you do something with the intent of a low vibration, it is already setting yourself up for failure. We are not harnessing our full potential and ability to align with this world. Alignment is achieved only through the understanding that we do have ‘superpowers.’ As crazy as it may seem, believing in yourself is a massive effort in controlling your reality. Self-love is a powerful tool, and in utilizing the ego, we can live up to our fullest potential. Harmonizing the brain and heart allows us to achieve the best version of ourselves possible, which will prove better for everyone in the end.


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