The Three Little Pigs – The Story And The Lessons.

The story of the three little pigs is one of the oldest fairy tales that made their way into the popular modern culture. Originally written in England, the story was passed down from generations to generations across different countries and continents with slight modifications and adaptations.

It became widespread by the release of a short animated movie called the “Three Little Pigs” produced by Walt Sydney. The story, based on the tale of the three little pigs, won the 1934 Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Movie shot in 1993.

As at today, it still ranks among the best stories that you can read over and over again without getting bored.

The story

The story centers on three pig brothers, namely Practical Pig, Fiddler Pig, and Fifer Pig. The three of them are excellent musical instrumentalists. After leaving their parent’s house in search of their own fortunes, they all decided to build their homes as they continue to transition into adulthood.

As we all know, building a house requires some essential planning up front. That is why each of the pigs has to decide on the best building materials that suit their individual needs.

Practical builds his house with bricks; Fiddler builds his with sticks and Fifer builds his own with straws. Practical, known for his hard work and diligence, chooses the material that will make his building strong enough to withstand any adverse condition. On the other hand, his brothers choose lighter and easy materials that will ensure that they finish the construction with much ease and have enough time for fun and dance.

He who laughs last……..

Eventually, the buildings were completed and the houses were ready in no time.

As we all know, one of the primary purposes of having a building is for protection from intruders and unwanted visitors.

Now, the Big Bad Wolf came to their vicinity looking for prey. It walks down to Fifer’s house, being the weakest, and blows it down with little resistance. Fortunately, Fifer finds his way and escapes to Fiddler’s house. The Wolf pretends to give up and retreats only to come back in a sheep’s clothing. You cannot fool us with that old sheepskin, they said. But that didn’t stop the Wolf from blowing down the house. The two pigs run to meet their brother who willingly opened his door to give them refuge. Then, the Wolf retreats and comes back some other time disguised as a Jewish Fuller Brush man to trick the pigs, but his plan failed. He also attempts blowing off the house but could not because of the strong brick.

Well, because the wolf does not give up easily, he wouldn’t turn back until he tries out the chimney. On knowing this, the smart Practical takes off the lid of a boiling pot. He added turpentine under the chimney and lurk behind watching as the Wolf falls right into the trap.

Shouting in pain, the Wolf runs away, and the three little pigs sing “Who Is Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?” again. Practical then played a prank on his brothers by knocking his piano, causing them to think the Wolf is back. They hurriedly run and hide under Practical’s bed.


The lessons

  1. Hard work, diligence and dedication pay off.
  2. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.
  3. Be cautious and earnest in all your life’s endeavors. A very little room for frivolity can cost you your life.
  4. The decision you make today will have an impact on your tomorrow.
  5. Work and fun don’t go together. Know when to work and time to rest.
  6. Whenever you have the capacity to help, render it graciously.

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