Trait of Every Great Artists

Traits of Every Great Artist


    In context of the above topic, great artists range from musicians, dancers, student, writers, entrepreneurs, poets, comedians and even athletes who are simply phenomenal at what they do. Needless to say, there are two basic categories of artists on the planet; the average artists and the great artists.


    Tell the truth, what category do you fall into? The most important step to solving a problem is identifying or admitting that there’s a problem. Thus tell the truth – At least to yourself. Before we go off track here, who is a great artiste? The great artists aren’t necessarily the ones you see on TV. A great artist is any individual (artiste) that brings their A-game to the table day in day out. They give their 100% at every shot they take. Now that you know who a great artiste really is, are you one? How can you identity a great artiste ? Quite simple. They have these two basic traits :


  1. They Are Practice Junkies – Just like the old saying ; “Practice makes perfect.” The great artiste is an epitome of practice. Great artists spend most of their time on the practice field. They’re super relentless about getting their preparation right.


    Thus, they don’t joke with their practice routines. The great artiste is completely convinced that “the more you train or prepare before a war, the less you bleed on the battle field”. Think of any great artiste you know (Those you see on TV, social media or your environment), you’ll realize that they are obsessed with trial and failure. The great artists on the planet aren’t really worried about stepping on stage, they are worried about NOT delivering a quality performance.


    If you must know, winning isn’t all about the positive “affirmations”, it’s about putting in the work. Results reveal themselves on stage. It is just like a student who is academically sound.  He/she spends countless days or even months for a 2 hour exam.


    Do you catch the idea here? Practice makes perfect and all great artiste are glued to practice. Usain Bolt once said something in lines of ; “The victory doesn’t happen on the track field (Stage) where everyone sees you. The victory happens behind the scenes where nobody sees you”.


  1.  They are masters at portraying simplicity : A popular saying goes thus ;” If you cannot simplify it, you don’t know it well enough”. It should also be made clear that it is the amateurs that chase perfection. Geniuses chase simplicity.


    Every great artiste on the planet portray simplicity both in their attitude and in their line of duty or on stage. Simplicity isn’t so simple. It is a result of tremendous amount of practice which then leads to experience which then leads to mastery and then ease. The great artiste embody simplicity.


    An average artist on the other hand seems to complicate everything. The master on the field of play makes it look easy. Are you a great artiste or average artiste? You should know by now. Work at being great at what you do. Keep looking. Keep working. “Simplicity is a form of genius” – Anonymous.

A picture of brain (Simplicity form of genius)

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