12 Psychological Tricks That Are Useful For Everyone

How to get a job interview without worrying?

How to predispose a person and make him trust us?

How to become friends with someone we like?

There are several psychological moves that can help you in such situations.

These methods are very easy to implement, work on a subconscious level and are extremely effective.

1. Never ask someone: “Would you…” when you want to make him do something.

The question is misleading for the brain. In theory, maybe it’s possible for him to do it, but that does not guarantee his action.

So you better say, “Please, call my neighbors!” for example


2. Want to make friends with someone – ask for a small service

The service should be as simple as possible – to pass the sauce, a napkin, to lend you a pen or something similar.

On a subconscious level, the person you ask for a favor will decide that it treats you well, so you’ll want to do it over and over again


3. If you want to make someone feel uncomfortable while talking… just stare at the middle of his forehead.


4. If someone tries to avoid answering your question, do not say anything to create an unpleasant pause, and do not take a look from his eyes. So you force him to give you more details.


5. If you want to get close to someone in the workplace, for example, ask him a question or ask him something personal. Even if you know the answer already, sharing always brings people together.


6. If you want to force someone to do something, tell him you can’t handle it. You will see the energy tide that will come to him only to prove you wrong.


5. If you are talking with someone and start slightly nodding your head, the person you are talking to will feel much more “involved” in the conversation and tend to agree with you, even if you do not give a clear account of why.


8. If you like someone’s offer in general, but you want a little more, pretend to be extremely disappointed. This usually works with high prices in a shop or low starting salary for a new job.


9. If you have the habit of doubting whether you have locked the door, turned off the stove or the iron, then create a routine.


Every day, say some absurd phrase before you do so to remember the action.

For example, say, “Green rabbit” and lock the door or “stinking shoe” and turn off the iron, or “fish with three eyes” and turn off the heat.

But the phrase must be different every time! So, when you think about whether you’ve locked up, for example, you will think of your absurd words, and you will calm down.


10. If a person intentionally tries to involve you in a scandal or is just picking on you, tell him something nice, compliment him. That will make him mad.


11. If you are about to speak to an audience, always take a bottle of water with you on the stand. If you get into an awkward situation or forget the thought, just take a sip and earn the time you have to figure out how to proceed.


12. If you feel that someone is staring at you on public transport or on the subway, take a look at his shoes and be stubborn. Believe me, this will make him crazy.


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