Astrology: Take a First Look at an Astro Chart

Astrology is underrated. It is not just about the morning horoscope. It’s such a vast subject, and we need an introduction to it.

Astrology places the human inside the universe. Sometimes we think we are separate from the nature we live in, but we are nature. Everything that happens in our environment influences us. If it’s too hot outside we can sense it if it’s too windy, our hair is messed. These are obvious aspects but are subtler aspects.
These kinds of senses are hard to be described in words. Maybe it’s difficult because we, as a collective, didn’t wake up that ability.

Nowadays, we can pursue spiritual waking through different practices – yoga, reiki, meditation, astrology, human design and so on.

I tried a lot of them, and every practice has its flavor and resonates more or less with your being. It’s just like feeding your soul. Watching TV would be like munching on fast food and meditating is like eating kale. So feed your soul with healthy practices.

Astrology got my attention because it placed me in the middle of my environment. I was part of nature and everything that surrounded me. Nothing is going to exist without me, and I was not going to live without everything around me.

So here I am, sitting on a rock surrounded by other rocks. It has been proven that all these “lifeless” rocks have their own frequencies. Also, they have mass and has been proved that mass is, in fact, denser energy, so they have power. In the world we know, everything is connected. Why wouldn’t be like this beyond the plains we see? All these energies from surrounding planets inevitably affect us. Think about the moon, how this little satellite of ours can influence water movement (60% of our body is made of water, just saying).


Astro Chart

Now comes in play the specific coordination of the planets. Because when the Sun is in Cancer (June/July) has a different energy when it is in Capricorn (December/January) projecting its energy in the same area. Our takeaway from this would be that it really makes a difference the date, hour and location where we were born because the energy projected in our being is totally different. It creates a mix of energies that charges your life like a battery and you are prone to be in some way thanks to our planetary system that has been a witness at your arrival on Earth.

Having all these pieces of information – the hour, date and location of your birth you can draw your Astro chart and you can understand how to surf majestically on the waves of life.

What else do you have on an Astro chart?

Well, you have 12 houses; they represent the area of your life. If you have planets in some area, for example, 4th house, your energy is prone to be focused and invested in your own family, past, traditions, emotions and depending on what planet or sign unpacked their bags there, you may be challenged with lessons you should be aware about. The area where you don’t find any planet is an area where you don’t need to invest that much. We will discuss more houses, no worries.
Another interesting stuff is that if you know your birth hour, you can certainly know what is your rising sign. The rising sign it is always placed in the first house. These are the energies we use to swim in the 3D world. If you are a Pisces and your rising sign is Aries, people will say about you that you are always coming with ideas, an active, impulsive, great leader, a fighter that loves challenges. And we all know Pisces love to sleep and daydream 🙂
Also, the rising sign can help you approach life and make use of the skills because the universe doesn’t trick us. Life gives us lemons to make lemonade!

Now let’s mention something about the signs. Houses are like dancers and the signs are the songs. The areas of your life will dance according to the signs’ songs. Some signs are electronic songs, some are Latino and other experimental songs (of course you Aquarius smiled, you know it’s your song).

So combining these elements we have a unique individual with some set of skills and flaws ready to go to Earth’s school. I heard it’s one of the toughest schools, but the rewards are magical.

Be tuned, it’s a lot more about astrology than the eye perceives. Just be curious. We do this! 🙂

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