Deforestation and Its Effects on the Environment.

Man engaging in the act of deforestation

Man engaging in the act of deforestation.

Deforestation simply means clear cutting or clearance of forest. As the name implies, it is mainly the removal of forest from a particular land. It is the unnecessary conversion of a forest material into non forest material use.

Deforestation is the permanent cutting down of forest for the availability of land to be used for other purposes. This human practice has been considered as one of the major and biggest threats to nature’s reserve. Having said that, here are some of the disastrous effects of deforestation otherwise known as disadvantages.

  • Destruction of Natural Habitats

Deforestation as the case maybe can lead to destruction of naturally preserved habitats for organisms and animals living in such an environment. Since deforestation means clear cutting or clearance, that would mean that there would be a continuous cutting on such a forest. This encloses the habitat and this will in turn lay off these animals staying there. It eventually leaves the animals no place to stay which is very dangerous. It is dangerous in the sense that, animal poachers may be on the lookout for such animals. Also, the number of organisms and animals staying in such a place will reduce. This is basically due to the need for some of the animals to migrate to another safer and better place.

  • It Causes Flood and Fire Disasters

Since the natural habitat has been clearly cut and the number of trees or forest reduced to the minimum level, the level of water coming from mountains during strong typhoons might be too strong. As a result of this, the remaining minimal level of forests may not be able to totally absorb. This thereby leads to flooding and overflowing of rivers and this in turn is also instrumental to the loss of lives and properties. Also one of the major methods of totally cutting trees down is by severe burning. This act of burning trees can also affect the lives of organisms and animals present in this habitation. Since there are no enough trees on ground to curb the widespread of the fire, it can also reach nearby houses. This can result into total destruction of properties and if not quickly controlled, it might cost lives too.

  • Limited Number of Resources

Due to the clearing and burning of trees in the forests, measures are not put into place for new trees to be planted. This eventually leads to a minimal reduction in number of trees around. It as well as put the growth process of these trees into jeopardy.

  • Emission of More Carbon Compounds Into the Air

With lesser amounts of trees on ground, oxygen level in the air also reduces. The normal process of photosynthesis thereby gets altered due to the uneven cutting of trees. Another effect it has on the environment is that, the amount of carbon dioxide been removed from the air reduces and oxygen been given to the air also reduces. This eventually allows the amount of carbon emitted to continue to remain in the atmosphere and gets accumulated the more. This happens because there is little or no oxygen to reduce it in the air.

  • It Can Cause Harm to the Whole World at Large

With the increasing rate of deforestation every day, animals and organisms are no more safe. Also, due to the lesser amounts of trees on ground, flooding and widespread of fire to nearby houses are also part of the harms. This might in turn result in putting the existence of lives at risk.

Conclusively, we should all cooperate and join hands together to safeguard our environment. This can be done if we stop the indiscriminate and unpleasant practice of deforestation. We should imbibe the practice of afforestation (planting of trees) and ensure to keep our trees as they naturally are. The practice of cutting down trees (deforestation) is being unfriendly to the environment and this leads to lots of hazardous effects, some of which are mentioned above. Let’s save our environment, let’s save our planet!

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