Guideline To Having A Healthy Relationship With Your Fur-Coated Roomie

“Meow! Meoow! Meeeeooooowwww”

“What’s that? Where do these noises come from?”

I was in the kitchen when I heard some kittens calling for help. I went in the parking lot; that is where the noises came from. Under a car, two little kittens were calling for their mother.

I got them out and stayed with them for 6 hours. I gave them some water and some kitten food while we were waiting for a big cat to show up. But it was getting dark and I didn’t want to leave them there. The night is dark and full of terrors.

They ended up kidnapped by me. 🙂 I really hope it was not kidnapping, I like to think I gave them the comfort they needed.

Now they are 3 years old and through all these years they taught me a lot.


I will start with the toughest lesson i received. Patience is important when you have this kind of roommate. You need to give yourself some time to connect with them. When they were kittens, it was so nice to be with them. The fascination of young beings got the best of me. But after they grew, I got used to them and I was lost in my life, always in a hurry. Sometimes I get frustrated that they don’t tell me what they want. When these moments arise, I snap out of it and realize these are moments when I forget to connect with the universe. I take a deep breath and try to understand them and offer an interruption to my busy life.


We are used to communicating using words. They showed me communication is beyond the act of talking. I really try to read their body language and to understand what they like, what they need and what they perceive as a discomfort. This is very related to the patience part and helped to communicate with my peers. Deep, deep down, we are all little animals.


When you have a pet friend, you are responsible for its well-being. No negotiations. You must provide water, food, health-care, fun times. At first, I improvised a little and took a look at my life and then took care of them as I was taking care of me. After that, I improved our lifestyle with better food, quality fun times and even we moments.


Yes, nothing. Just sit there, don’t do anything. I was inspired by them and took me some time to internalize that sometimes it’s ok nothing to happen. In a world of continuous improvement, we think we need to evolve every second, but with a friend like this, the healthiest thing for your relationship just lay on the floor.

Be active

This is the balance. You can’t sit on the couch all day. Do things together, play, run, get outside.

Having these in mind, I hope you understood that is not about having a healthy relationship with your pet friend, in fact it is about the relationship you have with your own life. Our fur-coated friends are the best teachers for our inner animal because basically we are also animals and we are a little bit lost in our “humanity”. Getting back to our basic instincts could help us be better humans. Also, take a peek here.

Start seeing your life through these creatures’ eyes to better see yourself. We need to connect with them. A connection is everything. We do this! 🙂




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