How Many More Years For the Earth to Survive?

Is the air clean anymore?
People inhale the air every nanosecond, and they’re not bothered at all. They barely know what they’re inhaling. They’re not ignorant, and they’re clueless.
So many diseases involving respiratory and cardiac diseases have claimed the lives of many civilians. Among these civilians were workers, children, and the aged. Asthma is another widespread allergy that has to be controlled with a helium-inhaler that has to be carried everywhere for the fear of premature death. Basically, every intake of air is poisoned. From the morning fresh breeze, you breathe in when you open your window early in the morning to the coal mines that emit our worst nightmares. Pollution takes place in every household; from the burning of gas, coal or wood for cooking, burning of firewood in fireplaces, use of sprays and many more. It also takes place outside our homes, in the outside environment; where nature causes some and human activity is also a cause.

The term “air pollution”
The release of particulates such as dust, the emission of gases which contains vile substances and can cause harm to human beings, animals down to microbes is termed Air pollution.

Pollutants and sources

Carbon dioxide
-Burning of fossil fuel.

Carbon monoxide
-The exhaust of motor vehicles, burning of gas, coal, wood, smoke from incinerator, fireplaces and furnaces, uncontrolled wildfire.

Sulfur dioxide
-Emission from factories and burning of petroleum products.

-Dust storms, volcanic eruption, and so on.

Chloro-floro-carbon (CFC)
-Sprays (insecticide, body spray, paint) and gases from the refrigerators and air conditioners.

Nitrogen oxide
-Application of fertilizers.

Garbage, Sewage
-Landfills and dung.

-Combustion of fossil fuels

Nitrogen dioxide
-Thunderstorm and high combustion of materials.

Radioactive materials
-Nuclear explosion, radioactive decay and stuffy areas.

Methane, Benzene and Toluene
-Industrial emission and garbage.

Other sources include the smell produced from building materials like plywood, carpets and so on in an enclosed place.
Infants and children are at greater risks when exposed to these pollutants.

How pollution affects us and the environment at large:
All these pollutants aforementioned can cause havoc and hazardous impact in the environment. Death, injuries, impairments, illnesses, allergies and many more are caused by the poisonous air we inhale. Some substances can be carcinogens (cancer-causing substances), dioxins (toxic carcinogenic), asphyxia (unconsciousness), etc.

Below are the effects of air pollution on human beings:
1. Respiratory dysfunction
2. Inflammation of internal organs
3. Cardiac problems e.g. stroke
4. Abnormal breathing e.g. Asthma
5. Cancer
6. Death

Effects of air pollution on the environment:
1. Death of microorganisms causing environmental imbalance.
2. Food web of the environment is affected due to death of animals thereby destroying the ecosystem.
3. Farmers suffer greatly when the growth of their farm produce is on the decline, it causes great concern to the economy because we all won’t survive without food.
4. Increased health costs due to various surgeries, medication and many more that have to be provided at various health institutions to treat the various effects of air pollution.

World Health Organization (WHO) Facts
-4.2 million deaths every year are as a result of exposure to ambient (outdoor) air pollution.
-3.8 million deaths every year as a result of household exposure to smoke from fuels.
-Air pollution levels remain dangerously high in many parts of the world.
-New data confirms 9 out of 10 people breathe in contaminated air.
-7 million people die yearly due to exposure to polluted air.
Nearly 90% of air pollution-related death occurs in low and middle-income countries.

Solutions and the possible way out:

Pollution can be minimized ensuring better favorable environmental condition for all civilians, animals and microorganisms. We can have a better environment with the list below acted upon.
1.Confined places should be ventilated to prevent the decay of radioactive substances and smell from building materials.
Instead of fumes producing substances, why not try clean renewable resources such as: solar energy, hydro energy wind energy and so on to power most vehicles, machinery, machines and basically every tool that needs a source of energy to function.
2. Enactment of certain laws and regulations with stiff punishment to curb uncontrolled forest burning, emission of harmful particles from factories and industries.
3. Installation of pollution suppressing devices in companies should be done.
4. The use of petroleum fuelled vehicles should be replaced using electric vehicle which help to make the environment air clean.
How remarkable and natural it will be for us to breathe new air again. What good it will do in the environment and a building block in which most organisms will go about their activities to purify the air and balance nature. A wonderful feeling to open your window on a bright day and inhale nontoxic air, a day we all look forward to.

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