What is intuition? Intuition is the ability to process something in mind immediately without conscious reasoning.” What is the power that allows people to know something without using conscious reasoning? Some would say that the subconscious mind can explain intuition scientifically. However, perhaps spiritual people will say that intuition transcends science and enters the field that science has not yet defined. Of course, spiritual phenomena can ultimately be explained by science or have scientific explanations. We don’t know.

Intuition is also called “knowledge” or “sixth sense” We use intuition in different ways every day, no matter what you name it. We recognize that the information provided to us, but we are not aware that it is intuitive as the data comes in a fragment or even sometimes symbolic form.

Why should anyone improve their intuition?

For example, suppose we can exercise and use intuition. In that case, we can make better decisions and choices, improve our business and relationships, better understand our dram, actualize them, increase self-confidence to follow our feelings, and stand others better more good opportunity in life. There are ways to improve your intuition;


Meditation is known as one of the most sacred practices. It is also one of the most religious activities for sharpening, strengthening, and conditioning the mind and discovering unknown power in the soul. So far, meditation is the best way to enhance your intuition, realize it, and make the most of it. In deep meditation, that lasts an hour or more. Intuitive people can exert their natural impulse by concentrating on themselves. Initially, the person will see the imaginative structure in their sight during about half an hour of meditation. After a long meditation period, people can become a place beyond imagination where they can have vision and intuition.

Astrological experiments have determined that some people have more profound intuitive abilities, while others have found it more challenging to connect with intuition. When Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and other planets are in certain corners of the birth chart, they will catch a glimpse of humans.

It may seem complicated or unbelievable, but it is possible. Whether or not to test astrology is a long process, but I can guarantee that some people have intuition, and all people with an intuitive perspective have this ability. Therefore, when these intuitive people try to meditate, they see things that others don’t. In the end, in the most extended meditation, they surpassed simple imagination and had visions of things that could not be understood without intuition.

Some astrologically intuitive people meditate and eventually see vivid images of the future in their minds. Sometimes these intuitive people can meditate and see the thoughts of another person in the environment.

Lovers can meditate and feel the distance. “Heart” is a symbol of love because lovers will feel the physical magnetism in the heart. We call it the “heart chakra” and can feel the energy connection at a certain distance. Therefore, when lovers are meditating, they can read to each other at a distance through exercise. Some people meditate for a few hours, imagining the realization of the future.

I think logic is completely compatible with intuition, mental ability, and other proven real phenomena; through psychological phenomena, the logic test will never pass.

  1. Having experiences with misleading people

Do you see any value in bad experiences with people, liars, or fraud? Probably not, but I can tell you that negative social experiences are valuable. Have you ever met someone who seemed frustrated or unreliable intuitively and didn’t even give a sign? This is a perfect example of intuition. As someone gets older, their intuition about human adaptability is refined through experience.

People who grew up in dangerous or criminal areas have a deep intuition for analyzing personality. In the long run, all negative experiences are ultimately positive. This intuition is naive. If someone has no negative social experience, he will be naive. The problem is; go out and collect life experience. Go out and do things, do things, and meet new people. This is an easy but efficient way to extend intuition.

  1. Pay attention to the “small” thoughts that emerge quickly.

Have you ever happened that you had a random idea that quickly came to mind, and a few minutes later, an event that exactly matched that idea happened? For example, you might think of someone you know. After a few minutes, even if the person has not spoken to you for several months, he will still send you a message. This kind of “prophecy” phenomenon is common in people with Pluto’s characteristics in the astrology chart.

If you notice these events and try to distinguish your intuition from ordinary thoughts logically, you can improve your intuition and eventually establish a positive channel. Through months or years of practice of this kind of perception, people can immediately realize when the universe tells them something important. This is just a product of mechanical thinking.

  1. Look at the photos in the newspaper.

Read a newspaper and try to guess the text only from photos that illustrate the story. Create an account of the image you are viewing. Then read the story to see if your impression is correct. The more you take time to practice, the easier it is to look at the photos and accurately describe the story behind them.

  1. Think of someone you know

Think about people you know and keep them in your mind. Consider how long this person will spend looking for you. Write down experience.

  1. Ask questions

Use ordinary coins to allocate “yes” or “no” to heads or backs. Ask questions, hand over cash, and get answers. Please write down the answers your instincts provide you in advance and compare them with the results.

  1. Pay attention to the surrounding environment.

Remember, messages on billboards, posters, or any other items near you can usually be seen as messages for you. Nothing is random. Everything makes sense. Usually, a difficult problem will eventually be solved before you solve it, and the solution will be displayed on a simple poster in front of you. All you have to do is pay attention.

  1. Act according to your feelings

The best and most convenient way to practice your intuition is to respond to your guesses. We often feel itut we ignore it and then find ourselves guilty of not deciding at the right time. Use your guess as valuable information.

Intuition is another skill. You can develop your intuition consciously through regular exercise. The more intuitive skills you practice, the more confidence you have in using intuition. For many of us, intuition training is an unconscious process in our analytical, logical thinking. As we gradually become aware of our intuitive abilities, we can integrate the received information into our environment in various ways: sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and intuition. Appreciate and use your intuition. Practice hard and achieve success.


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