Music and the Influence It Has On Individuality

When sound hits the water, it travels faster than usual since it vibrates with more molecules. We, humans, are made up of a majority of the water. It is no coincidence that sounds integrates itself into our existence. Every day the world is full of noise. Whether it’s the chaos of a city or the birds chirping in the countryside, the sound is an essential part of our existence. It has been for centuries. Music was discovered first in the BCE era. Man, having taken note of the musical ceremonies of animals, adapted to making our own melodies. We went from using stones to building flutes and so forth. At first, it was an attempt to strengthen the power of worship and prayer. From the times of ancient Greece to the middle ages, playing music was a religious affair. It wasn’t till The Renaissance that music changed drastically. It was the beginning of a new era and gave birth to some of the greatest musical minds of history. Music became one of the highest forms of entertainment and still is to this day.

The evolution of music has been astounding. It has risen through the years and claimed decades of eras, notorious times, such as the “flapper era” that refers to the rise of jazz music during the ’20s or the infamous psychedelic rock era of the 60s. In today’s world, it is a vital part of the culture. A society defines itself by the music it chooses to popularize, which also applies to us as individuals. The type of music we listen to can say a lot about who we are, how we dress, and who surrounds us. If you took a survey, most people would say music is a massive part of their lives. Whether they play music or love to listen, it has a significant impact on everyone. Plato once said, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything.” The taste you have in music can shape your entire reality if you so choose. Our world groups itself by music taste; think of it as a giant cafeteria; we have the rockers, rappers, pop lovers, bass heads, and so on.



This industry alone has influenced fashion for years. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, The Beatles, and more have been setting trends through their music. Notable eras such as the most recent punk movement of the ’90s showed us how drastically music could affect the way we dress. Through the grunge, grime, and glitter, we have seen generations of fashion change before our eyes and form personalities to go with them. These times give birth to different types of people and a new way of thinking. As we get closer to the beginning of a new decade, music and fashion are more integrated than ever. Artists regularly collaborate with clothing brands and create a vision that bases itself on their style. A style created through their taste of music; everything comes back full circle in the music and fashion world. It’s a continuous attempt to do something better than anyone before, but with the same emotion, it once exemplified.

Growing modern times has given music a platform that shapes our society. The more we evolve as a collective, music will integrate its way back into our lives, both in pleasure and spirit. It’s becoming increasingly more common for us to interpret music as a vibrational wave that dictates our bodies. We understand ourselves more than ever before and how music through mantras, affirmations, and more can allow us to manifest our reality. Music is truly a magical way to understand ourselves and the vast universe that is our home.



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