The Game of Fractality

Since I was a kid, I tried to understand life. Like most of us, I decided to grasp the meaning of this thing called life. Nobody knows what life is or maybe to put it correctly; there is no universal truth about life. Why is that? Because we define what life is from our point of view and we can only talk about our life. It is so difficult to say you know everything because we have lots of blind spots and the mind adds little details based on experiences and stories to feel safe and complete.

We are incomplete creatures and this our biggest curse. Animals don’t have this because animals don’t possess a rational mind that adds complexity; for example, they don’t think about patterns; they take life as it is.

This curse is, in fact, a big blessing because here is where our story begins. We must have in mind that everything is a paradox. This is the healthiest thing to have in life, a sense of ease around mysteries.

Getting back to our story, we like to latch onto patterns, it is safe to have predictability in life. It is about survival. This is the primary function of any being. To survive. Moreover, also to perpetuate it is through children, pups, seeds.
When I think about gravity, I see a pattern. I always know that I won’t start floating around or if I jump high, I will always come back on the ground and this also teaches me not to jump off a building to survive. Even when I am thirsty, I know that if I drink water, I will feel good again. These are apparent patterns, and they are like the nose fact. The eyes always perceive the nose, but because it’s still there the mind stops processing it, and you don’t see it anymore.

This is the game of fractality. Everything repeats in our lives on a different scale. Fractals are all around. The way you cook, it is the way you work; the way you fight, it is the way you love. See your fractals.

Please have in mind when thinking about patterns, always take into account the players, actors, the roles you give your peers. Everything is a game, a movie and on the background, there is a script running. You are the director, and you offer people different roles. Here is the blessing and why we are spoiled creatures. We have the power to change the scripts, but also large fractals tend to change our scripts. Like in a society, if everything goes wrong, your texts will go nuts. When you were a kid, the giant fractal was your parents, and you didn’t have any power to change that, so you took their view upon life.

Now you can act. You can accept that it’s just a survival game and the secrets are in the fractals around you. Fractals are great feedback for life and a mirror to see what is wrong so you can change it the way you want things to be.
Have patience, love yourself and be curious. We are humans. We do this 🙂

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