The Real Insight of Divorce

the real insight of divorce

Divorce has been a very critical solution to make for many families. Divorce is the breakup of families due to a series of events that affect any family members negatively. These events can be very difficult to understand and avoid since they differ from one relationship to another.


The stages of divorce start with self-neglect where the Individual may feel they are not good enough for the spouse due to lack of commitment from the spouse. This may cause a gap that, if not solved may grow to the next stage. Anger is another stage in devours where the spouses became angered at each other over small issues that may be solved at home level. At this point, the children start feeling unloved due to some parents choose to keep quiet thinking it will solve problems not knowing that this is widening the gap between the parents. The 3rd stage is where violence comes in. At the 3rd stage, one of the spouses may decide to move out of their home after a violent act on them. This violent act can be a fight or even a threat to be killed by their spouse which can quite frightening to the children. The violence affects the children mentally, physically and emotionally leading to trauma throughout their lifetime. The violence is very complicated to stop at this point because this is when both spouses think they are right and so they resolve to divorce for their sake and the children too. The divorce process in court is also long which may take months. During this process, the children are caught up between choosing how they are to live with.


During the divorce cases are handled wrongly according to my view. The violence victim is taken as the most affected due to the injuries and the damage caused to them by unknowledgeable judges, which should not be quite the cause because the violence victim is most of the time confused and so can exaggerate on the cause of living the accused with no choices but to accept for all the accusation upon him or her. A victim that savvies the violence of the divorce alive may take years or even a lifetime for him or her to recover the trauma. For the children, this may build a wall between them and the violent parent since they are afraid to be the next violent victims. The children replace the perfect parent picture to a beast in their minds which may cost the child’s performance and growth too.


Divorce has more cons than pros comparing to its actual meaning. Divorce is swallowing more families of their beauty and pride which the scripture of every Godly religion has tried putting together. The next time up you has an argument with your spouse think of how much you will both go through to recover from divorce and how much the children will get affected if there are any.

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