Ways of Determining Depression and How to Manage it

Getting disappointed with the people around and the situations is part and parcel of life, but the problems come in when we have 100% expectation and trust in people too much, who end up leaving as depressed. The state of mind we get from this may cause a condition called depression. This is one of the most common mental condition, although its prevalence is high and management is effective, very few people are knowledgeable about this condition so they end up noticing it at a later stage when the situation has worsened. Depression has an estimated prevalence of about 4.4% globally.

Types of depression

There are different types of depression depending on gender, personality, the status of mind, age and marital status. The types of depression are Major Depression, Persistent Depression Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Psychotic Depression, Peripartum (postpartum) Depression. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Situational Depression, Atypical Depression amongst the most common depression conditions. To know if you have of these depressions you will have to be kin to observe for the signs.

Signs of depression

Mood swings are one of the most detected signs of depression. Women have mood swings due to the biological process of change in hormones, which makes depression quite difficult to detect in women, but when the mood swings are more often and at an abnormal rate this is alarming. The mood swings singles can occur to anyone as a detector of stress. These mood swings vary from extreme happiness to sudden sadness a controllable. This can be managed by taking an antidepressant, changing you’re your environment to soothe the condition and seeing a therapist. Being sensitive to be normal, but being oversensitive to criticism is a single of depression. At this point one cannot get hold of their feeling, making them react to every little detail.

Oversleeping or having sleepless nights can be a sign of depression. With oversleeping and sleeping less one is said to have loosed hope in life with everything so one tends to sleep as a way of hiding from the rest or getting frustrated through lack of sleep.

An increase or decrease in appetite is also a sign of depression. Note when you eating, this is too much and no much work is done with the consumed energy exempt from eating, this could be an alarming sign to go visit your doctor a visit. Feeling existed all the time is a sign of depression. Watch out for any of these signs for 3 weeks to prevent depression. Treating depression can be very expensive in terms of getting drugs and getting a conducive environment for you. The type of drugs used are only to control and maintain the depression, but not to cure for no research has proven to have found any drugs that treat the disease.

Managing depression

Although there are drugs and a therapy is done in hospital, management of the disease can be done at home with simple activities like exercising every day to release the toxins in the body, getting enough fresh air, doing things that you like to tune you in the mood of starting your day and taking a balanced diet. Don’t forget to smile always.


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