Why You Should Get Off Your Couch and Start Traveling

I see people traveling. In some cases, it feels it’s just an item on a bucket list. You have to do it because everybody does it. The idea of traveling scares me. I have to leave the known to meet the unknown. I am a comfortable person; my sign is Taurus and Taurus people love to stay at home, in their comfort and munch watching a Netflix series. But too much of a thing becomes something sickening.

So I started to take into account that maybe I should travel, I should go to places I don’t know. But why? I needed motivation. Why does it matter if I have seen a museum or I have eaten at a famous place?

At first, I thought I am going to gain cultural knowledge, and I am going to impress people. Nah, it didn’t work, I was the same person. After that, I thought maybe I wouldn’t feel left out. I was doing stuff too, people would think of me as one of their own. But that felt fake also.

Ultimately, I tried to think of it from a spiritual point of view. What does it mean to travel? It means you expand the horizons you perceive. You are a being containing information of your known world, but also a part of you contains unknown stuff. Stuff that emerges only in some situations. I am sure that you find yourself reacting oddly when something new happens, and you think “Who is this person? Why did I react like that?”.

Going to different places, meeting new people, understanding other societies helped me see myself brighter. It was about me. It is just a long, narrow path that you have to take to reach the sea of possibilities.

I had my share of falling in the comfort trap and ceased exploring my life, knowing me as a person, understanding my ways. It was hard to decide to go on my path, but despite that, I began to travel. I was not traveling to places. It was an inner journey. I understood why I was not at ease when I did new stuff. I just wanted to do the things I have known my whole life; I knew the predictability of it. It gave me security.

After a while, it felt natural to do new stuff. So I had to shake my comfort couch again to get up and expand a little more and be more curious. I looked for vulnerable situations and for me to travel was the answer.

This is not a story for people who love to travel. This is an invitation for you to stop postponing that trip, to get out of your old ways and start expanding yourself. An unexplored outer world is an unexplored inner world. This is the game of fractality.

We need to search for situations that open us up and make us feel vulnerable. It’s like forging our own soul. Expanding is a cure for those moments of sadness and melancholy. Expanding is looking into the future. I spent a lot of time looking in the past and nothing was there because it already happened. I just found melancholy. But traveling around the world, it gave the feeling I have a lot to experience, to see and to grow. We are just like trees. We grow as big as our roots are in this world. Develop those roots and be part of it. Feel the earth transform your energy, your mind, let it change you. Change is the only constant in the universe.

Be curious and open. Let yourself grow. We do this! 🙂

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