Why You Should Try DIY at Least Once

I was 7 years old when I first heard about the internet and started googling. So much information, so much stuff to read and to learn, it was overwhelming for a kid.

But then I thought that my head will blow up from that quantity of information. What to do with all these things? How can I have some fun?  I started to stumble upon some articles, DIY this, DIY that and I didn’t know what “DIY” is. I googled “DIY meaning”. “Oohhh, do it yourself, hmmm” *kid smirk*

Instantly I felt like an inventor. I could do my own toys, my own games. My first DIY was a paper airplane. I found out dozens of designs. Tried them all and selected two of them to impress my friends. Guess what? I was the new cool kid in the neighborhood. I was so happy. But not because I was the coolest, but because it was made by me.

After this experience, I started to impress girls with some DIY paper flowers and offered them as a romantic gesture. Again, I was the coolest.

Another DIY is cooking. Why should I already buy a pizza, when I could do it myself? You could say it takes time, effort and sometimes it’s more expensive. Please, let me clarify.

This is part of our human experiences. That is how our societies grew, right? Doing it ourselves. Now we have all sorts of machines that automatically and instantly can make you a table or a chair. And it’s great! Don’t get me wrong. But we also need to create something from our own hands. Creation is something that beings do and fulfills them. We have the blessing to be really aware and conscious about our creations. It is all about the energy and awareness you invest in the process. Think about lego blocks. Everybody loves to play with them. Why? Because the outcome is a construction built from your imagination. So your creativity and imagination are stimulated. These are abilities that are not stimulated by machines or cold objects; automated era puts on hold these abilities.

For artists is a natural thing. But for us, the least artsy people? Well, search for a DIY project. Follow the steps, give yourself a little bit of space and play. When we grow old, we forget how to play. We forget how to accept our failures and forget to learn from them to continue towards the desired outcome.

A DIY project will come out with all kinds of imperfections and that is ok. Nothing is perfect and this teaches us to be gentler with our own imperfections. You can start today. Do it yourself! Take that power to start doing big projects in your own life.

Start small to finish big. It consolidates your confidence. It creates a pattern of creating things. It’s a creation in a creation, creatception.  Life is a weird thing with all sorts of nice discoveries and this is one of them. It’s a discovery that you realize inside yourself, not by reading about it.

Be an explorer of your own life. This is what humans do. We do this!

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